A400M Completes Water Ingestion Tests

31.10.2011 Security
A400M Completes Water Ingestion Tests

A400M Completes Water Ingestion Tests

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Airbus Military has successfully completed testing to demonstrate the new-generation A400M airlifter's ability to operate on wet runways and taxiways without ingesting water into the engines.

During these tests at Istres, France, the aircraft travelled through troughs containing 2-6 cm of water at speeds of up to 90kt in take-off and landing configurations, including operations with reverse thrust.

The A400M is a large, modern, flexible aircraft specifically designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.

The A400M can travel further and faster than most current in-service airlifters and can carry larger payloads. It is a multi-role transport, economical to operate, and exploits the benefits of state-of-the-art technology.

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