Saudi Interior Minister: “Security Key to Progress”

09.07.2012 Security
Saudi Interior Minister: “Security Key to Progress”

Saudi Interior Minister: “Security Key to Progress”

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The newly appointed Interior Minister Prince Ahmed has emphasized the importance of security for the progress and prosperity of any country. He urged Police Officers across the country to exert greater efforts to bolster the Kingdom’s security and stability.

“If we lose security it would be difficult to get it back and it would take as long time. All countries seek peace and security because without security you will not have peace and progress and you cannot protect lives and properties,” the Minister said.

Addressing Senior Security Officers and Government Officials at his office in Riyadh last week, he urged Security Officers to fear God and deal with people impartially.

“You should apply the law on everybody without showing any leniency,” he said, adding that the door is open to those who want to repent.

Prince Ahmed said Police Officers are considered models of good behavior. “You have to prove this quality through action not words. You should treat all people fairly.”
He commended the important role being played by Security Officers in the country.

“You are doing a great job by protecting the lives and properties of people,” he added. Prince Ahmed stressed the role of Police Officers in promoting virtue and preventing vice in society.
The Minister began his speech commending the great services rendered by the late Prince Naif to strengthen the Kingdom’s security.

“Prince Naif’s death was a big loss to the nation. He served the Kingdom, its religion and people with dedication. He had set a good example for us and advised us not to take any action in a hurry without studying the facts,” he said.

The reception was attended by Prince Muhammad bin Naif, Assistant Interior Minister for Security Affairs, and Ahmed Al-Salim, Undersecretary at the Ministry, in addition to Commanders of Security Forces and Senior Ministry Officials.

Meanwhile, Major General Mansour Al-Turki, Spokesman of the Interior Ministry, said 230 militants had graduated recently from Prince Muhammad bin Naif Counseling Centers in Riyadh and Jeddah.

“This has brought the total number of beneficiaries from the center’s services to 460 Saudis in two months,” Al-Turki said, adding that more militants would receive counseling in the coming months.

Source: Arab News; SPA


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