Dubai Police Launches ‘Crime Prediction’ Software

28.12.2016 Security
Dubai Police Launches ‘Crime Prediction’ Software

Dubai Police Launches ‘Crime Prediction’ Software

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Dubai Police recently launched the latest predictive policing software from Space Imaging Middle East (Sime), a leading total solutions provider that integrates elements related to the satellite imagery value chain.

The Crime Prediction software, which is the first of its kind in the region, was developed in support of the UAE’s Smart Governance Initiative, and specifically designed to complement the Dubai Police force’s modernized approach to crime prevention and enhanced public safety.

Crime Prediction analyzes existing intelligence and crime patterns from police databases and, using sophisticated algorithms, produces highly accurate data related to when and where crime is likely to occur next. This intelligence in turn informs patrol teams on which districts may require additional resources in order to prevent potential criminal activity.

“Sime is incredibly honored to have worked on this ambitious project with Dubai Police. The Dubai Police Force is renowned for embracing new technologies to better serve and protect the local community, and this spirit inspired us to develop Crime Prediction,” said Mohamad El Kadi, Managing Director of Space Imaging Middle East.

“This software is uniquely intelligent in its capability to accurately discern intricate patterns of criminal behavior in seemingly unconnected events and then predict the probability of reoccurrence,” said Spandan Kar, Head of Sime’s GIS Division.

Meanwhile, DarkMatter, an international cyber security firm based in the UAE, has entered into a MoU with Dubai Police to provide a comprehensive big data platform on which custom analytic solutions will be developed to help solve and prevent crime.

DarkMatter had previously been working with Dubai Police in this area under the Dubai Future Accelerators initiative, and the MoU signals the formalization of the scope of this interaction.

The project will be implemented through its company Pegasus which will formally assist Dubai Police in the development and management of Big Data capabilities in a bid to help them investigate and fight crime in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Given the highly interconnected nature of modern digital environments, the amount of data being generated and exchanged among individuals, devices, systems and other entities is growing exponentially.

The ability to organize, interpret and utilize this data is fundamental to being able to make qualified and timely real-life decisions.

Pegasus Big Data Platform is capable of processing billions of data points per day to power a variety of analytic solutions that generate critical insights in near real-time.

As per the MoU, Pegasus will assist police authorities to maintain safety and security by applying both technology tools and professional services to create a holistic ecosystem for producing high-value and high-impact information to drive decision-making.

On the tie up, Faisal Al Bannai, the founder and CEO of DarkMatter, said: “This is an enormous endorsement of our technical capabilities, and we are looking forward to partnering with Dubai Police in developing and utilizing innovative big data and analytic tools to create a safer living environment for all citizens.”


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