UAE Interior Minister Receives Int’l Benchmarking Standard

Photo: WAM WAM03.08.2017 Security
UAE Interior Minister Receives Int’l Benchmarking Standard

UAE Interior Minister Receives Int’l Benchmarking Standard

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H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, has received an international benchmarking standard, known as “PAS:7070,” which was developed by the “Benchmarking Centre” at the Ministry of Interior as its first international administrative standard, in co-operation with the British Standards Institute, BSI, UAE national news agency WAM reported.

The team from the centre, headed by Colonel Mubarak Saeed Al Kalili, Director of the Benchmarking Centre in the General Administration of Strategy and Performance Development at the Ministry of Interior, officially handed the details of the standard to H.H. at the headquarters of the Ministry in Abu Dhabi.

Al Kalili highlighted the desire of the Ministry of Interior to continue the progress of the nation’s institutional excellence, based on its plans to adopt best international practices in all sectors and implement the government’s vision of making the UAE among the best countries in the world, in terms of safety and security, by developing administrative systems that provide high quality police services for citizens, residents and visitors.

With regards to the standard, Al Kalili stressed that its adoption was supported by a specialised technical committee that included several prominent international organisations, including the British Royal Inspectorate, the American Centre for Quality and Productivity, the British Communications Commission, Intel and other organisations, which developed a benchmarking standard that is considered the first international administrative standard in the UAE.

He added that this new standard is important because it will give the Ministry of Interior local, regional and international recognition in the field of benchmarking, as it is considered a general standard that can be adopted in the private and public sectors and in many potential applications.

He further added that financial funding can improve the standard by establishing a working model that will allow the centre to provide consultations and training services to any authorities which desire to adopt it, in the same manner as the “ISO 9001” standard.



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