Leonardo’s CEO to Address “Cybertech Europe” Conference

26.09.2017 Security
Leonardo’s CEO to Address “Cybertech Europe” Conference

Leonardo’s CEO to Address “Cybertech Europe” Conference

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For two days, Rome will again be at the forefront of the international cyber security debate during “Cybertech Europe” where Leonardo is the main industry partner.

The event, which takes place in Italy for the second consecutive year on 26-27 September, will see national and international institutions and major companies operating in the cyber security sector represented.

Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo Chief Executive Officer, Sen. Roberta Pinotti, the Italian Minister of Defense, Mark Sayers, Deputy Director of the UK Cyber & Government Security Cabinet Office and Graham Willmot, Head of the Cybercrime Unit representing the European Commission’s Home General Directorate will speak at the opening of the conference.

The two-day event, structured into panel discussions and workshops for attendees, comes at a time when offensive cyber-attacks are increasingly prevalent, global, aggressive and diverse. Market analysis estimates that 80% of European companies are affected by cyber attacks and 8,000 billion dollars will be lost to global cyber effects over the next 5 years, hence the need to increase international cooperation to create common countermeasures.

Leonardo, which is among the world’s leading cyber companies, has dedicated cyber sites and infrastructure in Italy and the UK and has defined its own approach towards digital security. Leonardo’s expertise in this domain benefits from the company’s cyber intelligence capability across all sectors and is further developed and maintained through collaborations with industry partners and international and supranational institutions, primarily the European Union and NATO, with the aim of preventing and mitigating aggression, minimizing the consequences and costs of managing and recovering from attacks.

Leonardo is a key technological partner of government agencies, industry, large companies and financial organizations for the prevention, monitoring and management of cyber threats. It also takes part in a number of international bodies and groups; among them the European Organization for Security (EOS) and the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), the latter of which Leonardo founded, and which brings together over 130 cyber organizations. The company actively contributes to institutions such as ETSI, 3GPP, EUROCAE, NATO NIAG and Confindustria Digitale.

Leonardo is at the forefront of cyber security, offering sophisticated intelligence systems and dedicated real-time network information analysis at its Security Operations Centers in Chieti and Bristol, where teams of cyber experts work 24-hours a day. The company’s cyber portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of products and services dedicated to the collection and management of information for police forces, government agencies, and private companies.

Leonardo’s projects include the ongoing NATO Computer Incident Response (NCIRC) program, which guarantees the cyber security of information and ICT infrastructure in more than 70 NATO sites in different member countries. Operational since May 2014, the program continues to expand and represents the largest initiative in the cyber security field outside the United States. The UK Ministry of Defense has also chosen Leonardo to protect its networks against attacks and computer crashes.

Leonardo has also started several collaborations in the security sector in Europe, Middle East and Africa to explore new markets, together with players such as the International Golden Group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Al Ghanim Group in Kuwait. The company is also studying new technological frontiers together with companies such as SAS Institute and consolidated partners like CISCO and F5 Networks.  

In the evolving context of the Italian Digital Agenda, Leonardo is the leader of the five-year “SPC Cloud and Security” contract. The project consists of the provision of a complete and innovative set of cyber security services, with timely and simplified administrative procedures, for the Public Administration.



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