RENAULT TRUCKS Defense Offers New Vehicles to Security Forces

21.11.2017 Security
RENAULT TRUCKS Defense Offers New Vehicles to Security Forces

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense Offers New Vehicles to Security Forces

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While its Sherpa Assault Ladder and Dagger vehicles are already respectively in service in the GIGN and the RAID, the RENAULT TRUCKS Defense Group is presenting a new line of ACMAT light tactical vehicles (ALTV) and a remote “connected glasses” support solution at MILIPOL 2017 which is taking place from 21-24 November 2017.

The ALTV line is a multi-mission line designed for Defense, as a liaison vehicle, and for Security, as a surveillance, and counter-terrorism platform. In its Station Wagon version, selected by the French Army to replace the P4, it is a spacious and robust all-terrain vehicle. Its modularity allows for multiple types of equipment, such as weapons and radio supports, to be installed on it.

Its Pickup version is characterized by high mobility thanks to its engine power of up to 200 hp. Available in single or double cab, it features a reinforced platform which has been developed for military use and many types of missions.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is also presenting a “connected glasses” solution allowing remote operations between the wearer and a technical expert. The wearer of this device transmits an image in real-time and receives instructions concerning diagnosis and repair work to be carried out.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense thus meets the need for real-time diagnostic support to contribute to the optimum operational availability of a fleet.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is one of the three members of the short-term consortium to which the French Ministry of Defense awarded the Scorpion contract. The Group will be participating in the development of the new generation of wheeled armored personnel carriers for the French Army: the VBMR (multi-role armored vehicle) and the EBRC (armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle). RENAULT TRUCKS Defense also supplies the powertrains and small-caliber weapons systems operated by these two vehicles. The Group will also provide full logistics for spare parts and Scorpion subsystems. 


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