Saudi National CyberSecurity Authority Issues Guidelines

11.10.2018 Security
Saudi National CyberSecurity Authority Issues Guidelines

Saudi National CyberSecurity Authority Issues Guidelines

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Saudi Arabia’s National Cybersecurity Authority has issued basic cybersecurity guidelines, which have been prepared to establish minimum standards to be applied in different governmental agencies.

These guidelines are meant to minimize the risks of cyber threats to their infrastructures, networks, and systems, which contribute to enhancing the kingdom's cybersecurity, the security of its vital and economic interests and national capacities, said a Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report.

The authority is the specialized agency for cybersecurity in the kingdom, and in accordance with its authority to develop policies, governance mechanisms, frameworks, standards, guidelines and instructions related to cybersecurity to protect networks, systems and data, and to circulate these guidelines to relevant parties, follow up on compiling and updating them.

The authority said applying these guidelines is mandatory for all governmental agencies, including ministries, authorities, institutions, and others, in addition to private sector agencies that own, operate, or host sensitive national infrastructures. 

In November 2017, King Salman bin Abdulaziz issued a decree to set up the National Cyber Security Authority.

Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet Dr. Musaed Al-Aiban has been appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the authority. The authority will be directly linked to the monarch.

Members of the Board include head of the Presidency of State Security, Chairman of the General Intelligence, Deputy Minister of Interior, and Assistant Minister of Defense.

Al-Aiban then said the authority will begin its regulatory and operational tasks in the area of ​​cybersecurity by enhancing the protection of networks, IT systems, operating systems, hardware and software components, services and data, taking into account the increasingly vital importance of cyber security in the lives of the public.

He disclosed that the authority also aims to establish a national industry in the field of cybersecurity.

Al-Aiban stressed that the authority will give top priority to attract and hire qualified national cadres, build partnerships with public and private entities, and stimulate innovation and investment in cyber security to contribute to achieving a technological renaissance that serves the future of the Kingdom’s national economy.





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