Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) Ranks 5th Worldwide in Safety Award

SANS Saudi Press Agency (SPA)07.04.2021 Aviation & Space
Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) Ranks 5th Worldwide in Safety Award

Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) Ranks 5th Worldwide in Safety Award

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The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) has announced that the Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) has won the fifth place in the world in the safety award after competing with a large number of companies around the world.

SANS is the only company that has been included in the final list of the best international participations at the level of the Gulf and the Middle East countries, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The achievement reflects the important position of the civil aviation sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia around the world, as well as its focus on air safety and the efficiency of the performance of air traffic controllers, and consolidates the position of the Saudi company as one of the leaders in the aviation industry regionally and internationally.

The CANSO is launching this global award for the companies with the aim of contributing to the reduction of aviation risks during the twelve months that precede its annual presentation.

In alignment with the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 strategy to transform all its government key services cost centers into independent companies, The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) adopted and applied this principle to all sectors of civil aviation. As a result, Saudi Air Navigation Services Company (SANS) was established.

Since the corporatization of the air navigation services, SANS management has made significant efforts to ensure a smooth transition from GACA while maintaining stability in its services and operations. Such efforts are supported by SANS' newly built 2018 strategy focused primarily on delivering safe and efficient operations. This will drive SANS to achieve a globally competitive level of performance in safety efficiency while assuring sustainable operations and growth to meet future demands of Vision 2030through the execution of the following:

Safe Operation is paramount and should always be at the top of our priorities as a cornerstone for our operations to be abided by all employees. Through effective implementation and adhering to the highest standards of efficiency, additional services can then be offered within Saudi air space such as flexibility in utilizing Saudi aviation routes which will translate to fuel savings, reduction in operational costs and lower harmful gas emissions.

Efficient Operation​ and ongoing improvements in the infrastructure of the systems, technology and air space operations through ideal utilization of resources and effective operational management. This will ensure a successful transition that will be reflected positively on the air navigation services industry within the Kingdom and support the steady growth of air traffic in the future.

To create People Focused​that meets the needs of all employees, empowers individuals and provides developmental programs. In addition, such an environment will not only foster a culture of excellence, but it will also attract top local talents and create competitive atmosphere that will inevitably plat a crucial role in achieving the company’s vision and goals.

Financial Effectiveness is another goal that will aid the company in its strategic vision via ensuring effective optimization of efficient revenue generation and adhering to all governmental requirements.

Strategic Partnerships - through our unique partnership we aim to provide our partners with the best possible services, strengthen our relationships with stakeholders and enhance customer satisfaction.

The company will continue to strive forward in the pursuit of achieving the strategic goals, and find innovative investment solutions that will generate long term revenues to sustain future operations, develop and implement the latest international best practices/solutions in the air services industry. 



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