Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) Signs Agreements with Indra and Thales

SANS Saudi Press Agency (SPA)28.06.2022 Aviation & Space
Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) Signs Agreements with Indra and Thales

Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) Signs Agreements with Indra and Thales

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Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) has signed a partnership agreement with global air navigation giant Spanish Indra Sistemas (photo) to develop virtual air control towers.

SANS also signed a cooperation agreement with French Thales Aerospace to develop and market a maintenance management system (MMS) that was designed by SANS, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

SANS CEO Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Zaid signed the two agreements with Indra Sistemas CEO Ignacio Mataix and Thales Executive Vice President of the Land and Air Systems Christophe Salomon.

Under the second agreement, SANS will develop the system technologically and technically in a way that accords with the requirements of the beneficiary sides according to the highest operational standards, while Thales will provide the system requirements from commercial and promotional aspects in a competitive way that guarantees sustainability, future expansion, and benefiting from their technological expertise in this field.

Al-Zaid said: “The two Memorandums enhance partnership between the two sides and realize entrepreneurship in the air transport field, especially that the two companies enjoy enough expertise and distinguished efficiencies in air transport specializations, where the two companies have good credit of global achievements in the fields of importing and installing navigation systems and developing and promoting maintenance management systems.”

In alignment with the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 strategy to transform all its government key services cost centers into independent companies, The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) adopted and applied this principle to all sectors of civil aviation. As a result, Saudi Air Navigation Services Company (SANS) was established.

Since the corporatization of the air navigation services, SANS management has made significant efforts to ensure a smooth transition from GACA while maintaining stability in its services and operations. Such efforts are supported by SANS' newly built 2018 strategy focused primarily on delivering safe and efficient operations. This will drive SANS to achieve a globally competitive level of performance in safety efficiency while assuring sustainable operations and growth to meet future demands of Vision 2030 



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