Second Saudi International Maritime (SIM) Forum Kicks Off in Jeddah

16.11.2022 Asia
Second Saudi International Maritime (SIM) Forum Kicks Off in Jeddah

Second Saudi International Maritime (SIM) Forum Kicks Off in Jeddah

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The second edition of the Saudi International Maritime (SIM) Forum, organized by the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF), kicked off at the Hilton Hotel in Jeddah Tuesday and will conclude tomorrow (15-17 November).

More than 37 leaders and heads of authorities concerned with the marine environment and the navies from 15 countries are participating in this event, in addition to specialists, military experts and academics from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Titled “Protecting Marine Units and Vital Coastal Sites against the Threat of Unmanned Systems,” the forum will highlight the threat of such systems and present ways in which they can be dealt with, and their impact on the global economy and ensuring the safety of sea lanes, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The forum includes sessions with the participation of interested parties, military specialists, technology experts, and academics, as well as ministries, government agencies, and international companies.

An exhibition is also held on the sideline of the Forum in which local, regional and international companies are showcasing the latest equipment, technologies, and systems in maritime security.

Due to rapid world events and developments in these critical times, the forum has great significance in demonstrating the risks and threats of unmanned systems globally which will be illustrated by presenting the most prominent challenges and threats to such systems and practical ways in which they can be dealt with in order to limit their spread.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a leading regional maritime country with a coastline of 3400 Km which is the longest territorial coastline in the region. Through Vision 2030, RSNF will update its future programs to adapt to the changes in the region in the coming years.

The objectives of SIM include:

  • Reinforce the concept of maritime security
  • Demonstrate the importance of freedom of maritime navigational movement
  • Exchange knowledge-based experiences among naval commanders.
  • Reinforce the concept of the importance of modern systems in the maritime field
  • Discuss the concepts of international law of the sea between absorption and accompaniment
  • Enhance awareness of the importance of the marine environment
  • Inculcate the concept of union against maritime security threats
  • Enhance cooperation and narrow the divergences in views between Saudi Naval Forces and the navies of fraternal and friendly states





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