“Red Wave-7” Joint Naval Exercise Concludes in Saudi Arabia

19.05.2024 Asia
“Red Wave-7” Joint Naval Exercise Concludes in Saudi Arabia

“Red Wave-7” Joint Naval Exercise Concludes in Saudi Arabia

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The Joint Exercise activities (Red Wave-7) concluded Thursday with the participation of personnel from the Naval Forces of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and Djibouti which lasted for several days in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This comes within the framework of the joint training plan of the Egyptian Armed Forces with friendly and brotherly countries, the Egyptian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The Exercise included several sessions aimed at unifying the concepts of joint work among all participating personnel, as well as training to counter Zodiac boats attacks, practicing the right of visit and inspection, and executing various sailing formations which demonstrated the cohesion among the joint units in the Exercise.

The final phase of the Exercise included carrying out a practical demonstration on storming one of the coastal islands under the cover of aerial bombardment by the Air Force personnel, in addition to providing air support to the forces and reconnaissance of the island coast, securing it, in preparation for the advancement of the forces and the successful execution of the storming.

The final phase of the Exercise was attended by a number of Navy Commanders from the participating countries, as well as a number of students from the Egyptian Naval College and the Military Technological College. (Source & Photo © Egyptian Ministry of Defense)



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