Curtiss-Wright Debuts New Ultra-Compact “Snap Together” PacStar 200-Series

11.10.2023 North America
Curtiss-Wright Debuts New Ultra-Compact “Snap Together” PacStar 200-Series

Curtiss-Wright Debuts New Ultra-Compact “Snap Together” PacStar 200-Series

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Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions Division has announced a groundbreaking new range of ultra-compact tactical communications and processing modules that complement and increase the functionality and capability of its PacStar® 400-Series.

The PacStar 200-Series of modules and chassis provides system designers with a size, weight and power (SWaP)-optimized alternative solution for space-constrained applications or for adding flexibility to the PacStar 400-Series. The new product family enables system designers to snap-together a wide range of configurations of PacStar 200-Series and PacStar 400-Series modules as needed, including switches, servers, and routers.

“We are very excited to introduce our new PacStar 200-Series family of size, weight and power optimized modules, which represents a major enhancement to our widely use PacStar 400-Series products,” said Brian Perry, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Division.

“These ultra-compact tactical communications and processing modules provide system designers with a whole new level of flexibility when configuring trusted and assured solutions for space-constrained environments or to add new functionality to their fielded PacStar-400 systems,” he added.

The PacStar 200-Series builds on lessons Curtiss-Wright has learned as one of the DoD’s go-to providers for deployed tactical communications solutions. That knowledge, combined with higher levels of integration and SWaP optimization, has enabled CurtissWright to develop a new class of ultra-compact tactical communications and processing modules offerings architected from the ground up. These compact modules can be deployed in a standalone chassis or used to expand the capability of PacStar 400-Series products; greatly reducing the amount of SWaP - up to 50% - required to add functionality.

The first members of the PacStar 200-Series product family to be introduced include three new modules:

  • PacStar 251: Rugged in-theater Intel® Atom-based computing and virtualization platform
  • PacStar 221: High-density Gigabit network switch for critical voice, data, and video connectivity powered by the Cisco® Embedded Services Switch (ESS) 3300
  • PacStar 211: Small Router Module powered by Cisco® Embedded Services Router (ESR) 6300

PacStar 200-Series modules increase configuration options for system designers, enabling them to deploy the exact level of performance their application requires, especially when space-constraint limits are critical. System upgrades and reconfiguration are simplified too, because each PacStar 200-Series module supports discrete functions. For example, a fielded PacStar 200-Series router or switch can be swapped out without having to replace both the router and switch functions at the same time, since each function resides in an independent module.

Multiple PacStar 200-Series modules can be snapped together with PacStar 400-Series modules (adaptor available in 2024). Also, a battery adapter, which hosts the batteries and a DC adapter, can be fastened to PacStar 200-Series modules. PacStar 200-Series chassis offerings include three-slot (available now), eight-slot, and ten-slot chassis that feature the same mounts, packaging, and transport used by PacStar 400-Series Chassis (contact your account manager for details). This enables PacStar 200-Series chassis to be “mixed-and-matched” with other Curtiss-Wright technologies (PacStar 400-Series and OpenVPX) via a modular PacStar Smart Chassis.

Each PacStar 200-Series module integrates seamlessly with other PacStar 200-Series and PacStar 400-Series standard modules, providing the best in small size, flexible power, and environmental ruggedness. Curtiss-Wright also offers a wide array of PacStar system packaging options, including briefcase, transit case, rackmount, vehiclemount, and backpack transport options.

Curtiss-Wright Corporation is a global integrated business that provides highly engineered products, solutions and services mainly to Aerospace & Defense markets, as well as critical technologies in demanding Commercial Power, Process and Industrial markets.



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