Upgraded Pantsir to Fight Any Attack Drones

13.12.2021 Russia
Upgraded Pantsir to Fight Any Attack Drones

Upgraded Pantsir to Fight Any Attack Drones

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At the recent Egypt Defence Expo (EDEX 2021, Cairo, December 2021), Russia released more news on the upgraded Pantsir-S1M abilities.

According to Sergei Mikhailov, Deputy CEO of the High-Precision Weapons (HPW) holding, the modernized missile-gun system can form the core of tactical air defense.

“On the basis of Pantsir-S1M, an effective modular air defense network can be built, capable of covering any military units from small-sized and attack UAVs, high-precision weapons and, of course, military aviation - aircraft and helicopters. The complex fully complies with modern A2 / AD principles. (a theory of the air-defense construction to prevent an enemy access to critical areas),” said Mr. Mikhailov.

He specifically noted the complex ability to destroy small drones.

According to Mr. Mikhailov, the Pantsir-S1M received new hypersonic anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAM), to increase the target destruction range from 20 to 30 km and the hitting maximum heights from 15 to 18 km, and so to triple the size of protected area. Along with the new missiles, the complex can employ all the missiles from the previous Pantsir-S1 complex. In addition, the stealth and noise immunity of combat work has been increased, and the ratio of fire has been improved.

According to Bekhan Ozdoev, Industrial Director of the arms cluster of the Rostec corporation, the Pantsir-S1M can “count all types of drones. In particular, the complex is capable of effectively detecting and destroying all types of attack UAVs in service”.

As stated by Rosoboronexport during the Army-2021 Forum in August, the first contract for the Pantsir-S1M was signed with an unspecified customer. (Yury Laskin, LAGUK-Media; Photo © Yury Laskin)



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