Russian Defense Bestsellers at ARMY-2024

08.07.2024 Russia
Russian Defense Bestsellers at ARMY-2024

Russian Defense Bestsellers at ARMY-2024

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This year the ARMY International Military-Technical Forum, which will be held in August 12-18, celebrates the 10th Anniversary. Russian manufacturers will demonstrate the most demanded defense systems, which have shown high efficiency during real combat operations.

Russian air defense equipment, rated among the best in the world market, will undoubtedly draw special attention of foreign delegations at ARMY-2024.

The S-350E Vityaz (photo) top-notch air defense missile system, in particular, is expected to be in the spotlight thanks to its recent proved success in combat. According to the SPUTNIK International news agency the Vityaz Air Defense System picked off 12-16 MLRS-type guided missiles in one swoop.

According to the serviceman cited by SPUTNIK, the target was successfully acquired at a range of approximately 90 kilometers. The missile system then maintained a steady escort and ultimately hit the target at a distance of about 70 kilometers from the complex’s location.

“The primary advantage of the missiles in this complex is their homing head, which makes maneuvering targets easy to hit. The missile will maneuver parallel to the target,” the Commander added. Russian Defense Ministry provided Media with video footages of successful destruction.

Earlier, a source familiar with the matter told Sputnik that Vityaz had performed fully automatic detection, tracking and destruction of the hostile combat aircraft and drones in the area of the special operation for the first time ever. The automatic mode was implemented through the principle of non-interference by humans in decisions made by AI, the source added.

Rosoboronexport, considers S-350E ADMS to be one of Russia’s defense export bestsellers in the near future, The S-350E “Vityaz” air defence missile system possesses high tactical and technical performance specifications, allowing it to be used for the defence of administrative, industrial and military facilities from massive strikes of modern and advanced air attack weapons. The air defence system is capable of simultaneously repelling strikes of various types of air attack weapons from any direction in the entire range of altitudes of their flight - from extremely low up any operational height. (LAGUK-Media; Photo © LAGUK-Media)



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