Arquus Exhibits All its Expertise at IDEX 2021

22.02.2021 Asia
Arquus Exhibits All its Expertise at IDEX 2021

Arquus Exhibits All its Expertise at IDEX 2021

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Major supplier of the French Army and partner to several governmental forces in the Middle East and North Africa, Arquus (formerly known as Renault Trucks Defense)is present at the IDEX 2021 trade show.

Arquus is a European leader of land protected mobility, designer and manufacturer of world-renowned vehicles such as the VAB, the VBL, the Bastion and the Sherpa,many of which are already proudly serving in the Gulf region. Arquus offers comprehensive solutions for armies and security forces, ranging from 4x4 light vehicles to 6x6 and 8x8 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

Arquus can also provide with a wide array of tailored drivelines and bases to createfully new, high-quality vehicles, designed with industrial partners to fit specific needs.

At IDEX 2021, Arquus is displaying all of its expertise, including its most advanced products and technologies, among which the Scarabee and the Hornet RCWS range.

The Scarabee (photo) is presented in Abu Dhabi for its very first show abroad. Arquus’ jewel,the Scarabee is the first military hybrid-drive armored reconnaissance car ever. Compact,highly mobile and stealthy, the Scarabee can tackle any environment, from desert combatto confined or urban environment. Versatile and modular, it can serve as a reconnaissance car, a light cavalry vehicle fitted with a powerful auto cannon, a missile-carrying tank killer ora mobile command post. It can serve in air assault units or quick reaction forces, accompany infantry units or pair up with Main Battle Tanks.

Thanks to its electrical machine and its high-capacity batteries, the Scarabee can move and accommodate and action several sensorsand energy-consuming systems while being perfectly silent. As the new definition forreconnaissance vehicles, it is perfectly suitable for modern armies seeking to equipthemselves with light, versatile, highly mobile and powerful vehicles.

As the perfect complement to the Scarabee, Arquus will be presenting its very own Hornetremote-controlled weapon stations range, offered by the new Hornet Business Unit which isto be launched at IDEX. Comprised of two different RCWS, the Hornet range canaccommodate several calibers and weapon systems, from 7.62mm guns to 40mm grenadelaunchers, on top of sensors and self-protection systems. Modular and connected, theHornet RCWS offer unique performance on the market with full digital optronic units, dayand night vision, laser rangefinder, full HD video, independent ring smoke grenade-launcher,collaborative combat capability, among other features. The Hornet range has been selectedand qualified by the French Army to equip the new combat vehicles of the Scorpion program.

Arquus is also offering the Fortress Mk2, one of the most advanced APC vehiclescurrently on the market. Extremely mobile with its independent suspensions and high-powerengine, the Fortress Mk2 redefines the standards of military mobility. Built on Arquus’ long-running experience in designing and supporting all-terrain military vehicles, the Fortress Mk2successfully combines excellent weight/power ratio with exceptional off-road capabilities.

It benefits from the latest technologies and the most advanced processes making thisproduct particularly efficient and homogeneous. Its new armoured hull provides the FortressMk2 and its 11 passengers with very high levels of ballistic, mine and IED protection, withoutgaining any weight. With its excellent mobility, the Fortress Mk2 is an APC of choice whichcan be equipped with the latest vetronics suites such as Arquus’ Battlenet solution, as wellas RCWS such as the Hornet for extra firepower and operational versatility in the field.

Last, but not least, Arquus will be discussing its VAB Mk3 IFV, already presented at IDEX2019 with its Advanced Survivability System, designed to protect even further the vehicleagainst all the threats it could face on the battlefield, including tandem warheads. Buildingon the years of experience of the French Army’s 4x4 VABs, Arquus has designed a fullynew 6x6 vehicle built for troop and systems transport. Highly mobile, the VAB Mk3 offersperformance similar to an 8x8 with reduced costs of ownership. The VAB Mk3 is already inservice in various armies in the region.

ARQUUS constantly develops its network of partners worldwide. All these partnercompanies bring added value, constantly enriching the quality of ARQUUS’ products. Thisstrategy enables ARQUUS to combine the expertise of companies from all fields and all theregions of the world, and thus to offer increasingly innovative solutions. The search for newinternational partners also allows for market share development abroad. ARQUUS providesits partners with a reliable ally offering advanced technology, mastery of complex industrialprocesses, and high quality, all combined for combat-proven and tested vehicles.

Depending on markets and cooperation agreements, ARQUUS can provide with tailoredservices, ranging from technology transfer to the joint development of new and completeproducts.

Arquus (previously Renault Trucks Defense) is a major actor for the French industry, fromvehicle design to support, with a fleet of nearly 25,000 vehicles within the French Army,20,000 of which are directly supported by the company. Arquus is one of the three membersof the short-term consortium in charge of the development and manufacturing of the newcombat vehicles of the French Army, the Griffon and the Jaguar. Arquus is also in charge ofthe development and production of the Hornet family RCWS which equip the Army.

Expertof land mobility solutions, Arquus can offer 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles for all missions, aswell as a complete range of drivelines. Thanks to its R&D centers and support from theVolvo Group, the company has developed numerous innovations on own equity. Theseinnovations include the fields of energy, architecture and automation. To optimize the uptimeof its vehicles, Arquus is able to offer innovative tools like HUMS, virtual reality training oradditive manufacturing. Arquus offers a range of innovative associated services, includingthe supply of spare parts, a range of maintenance services, specific financing solutions andtraining.



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