Rheinmetall Electro-Optics Premieres at DSEi 2011

27.09.2011 Europe
Rheinmetall Electro-Optics Premieres at DSEi 2011

Rheinmetall Electro-Optics Premieres at DSEi 2011

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Rheinmetall Defence has welded its electro-optical activities into a new division, known as Rheinmetall Electro-Optics.

The division has made its international debut at the recent DSEi fair in London (13-16 September 2011).

Besides end customers in the Armed Forces and security services, the division primarily serves manufacturers of small arms and makers of military vehicles.

Rheinmetall Electro-Optics products fall into three categories:

  • Dismounted soldier products: These are products specifically designed for infantry and dismounted operations in general, including tactical lamps, laser light modules like the Vario Ray as well as identification friend/foe technology, night sights, night vision goggles and the FeLVis fire control unit.
  • Sensor products: These include thermal imaging devices such as the Saphir 2.0 or Saphir 9.6, panoramic vision sensors and daylight cameras such as VIM or HVK4/5, and laser range finders (e.g. Vingrange).
  • Observation and fire control units: Fire control technology for 40mm grenade launchers, light antitank weapons and other crew-served weapons as well as long-range observation, monitoring and reconnaissance systems. Prominent examples are the Vingmate fire control unit, the observation, surveillance and target acquisition system Vingtaqs II, and the target laser designator TYR.


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