MBDA Deutschland, Rheinmetall Display New Air Defense System at ILA 2016

03.06.2016 Products
MBDA Deutschland, Rheinmetall Display New Air Defense System at ILA 2016

MBDA Deutschland, Rheinmetall Display New Air Defense System at ILA 2016

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For the first time at the ILA Berlin Air Show (1-4 June 2016; Berlin ExpoCenter Airport), MBDA Deutschland, together with its industrial partner Rheinmetall, is exhibiting a system concept for close- and very close-range protection against airborne threats.

This solution ensures highly mobile escort protection as well as immediate firing readiness and integrates seamlessly within the TLVS system architecture as a further possible element of integrated air defense.

In this respect, MBDA and Rheinmetall are pursuing a completely modular solution approach that leverages the integration of existing, series-ready subsystems and components, such as MBDA’s Mistral guided missile integrated in the Rheinmetall MPCS turret. In this combination, the component can be deployed as a successful, high-performance successor to the leFlaSys/Stinger system.

The components provide reconnaissance, command and control and effect capability against the current and future threat spectrum at close and very close range. Thanks to the modular approach, they can be flexibly integrated with little effort on a variety of platforms such as the Boxer for example. The system is relatively light, yet at the same time boasts a large number of effectors per vehicle.

The joint approach of MBDA Deutschland and Rheinmetall builds on a unified system architecture for connecting sensors and effectors that also ensure secure reconnaissance and engagement of current threats from small and very small targets (UAS, LSS).

Many of these components are already commercially available, in service and mission tested by various nations. As a result, implementation risk is reduced and development costs are minimized.

MBDA Deutschland is a leader in the development and production of air defense and guided missile systems for the German Army, Navy and Air Force. The company possesses production and management experience from over 50 years of industrial participation in national and international air defense and guided missile programs. These include the ground-based MEADS tactical air defense system as well as Patriot, the Rolling Air Frame Missile (RAM) and Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) for naval deployment, the Meteor and TAURUS missiles, developed in European cooperation, for airborne forces, and the MILAN and the PARS 3 LR helicopter armament for ground forces.

MBDA Deutschland is a part of the European MBDA Group. The company operates sites in Schrobenhausen, Ulm and Aschau am Inn. MBDA is a joint undertaking of the Airbus Group (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%) and Leonardo - Finmeccanica (25%).



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