Meggitt to Demo Next-Gen Simulation Training at DSA 2014

10.04.2014 Europe
Meggitt to Demo Next-Gen Simulation Training at DSA 2014

Meggitt to Demo Next-Gen Simulation Training at DSA 2014

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Leading the simulation and live fire training systems arena with innovative training solutions, Meggitt Training Systems will provide private demonstrations of its latest advanced training technologies at this year’s Defence Services Asia (DSA) Exhibition and Conference

, taking place 14-17 April in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, law enforcement and defense organizations are seeing the benefit of combined weapons training solutions. The use of marksmanship and scenario-based simulation training systems combined with live fire is contributing to time and cost savings as well as improved operational performance.

Released in 2011, Meggitt’s FATS® M100 architecture is now the industry standard, designed to support multiple, simultaneous simulation and training modes using a flexible systems architecture. The flexibility of the FATS® M100 architecture has allowed Meggitt to move forward on new simulation training advancements – such as the inclusion of VBS and CryENGINE® 3-D Marksmanship Training environments with Meggitt’s tetherless BlueFire® weapon simulators.

The after action review (AAR) allows engagement and shot assessment in a 3-D virtual environment while providing detailed trainee diagnostics for skill reinforcement and/or correction. The detailed shot analysis, automatic assessment and coaching capabilities pulled from doctrine are immediately available on an individual tablet for trainee reference.

The scalability of the FATS® M100 is highlighted by the concurrent use of multiple through-sight devices for both Marksmanship and Collective (CGI) training. The flexible architecture ensures maximum trainee throughput while offering a growth-path for the future, and maintains the system’s performance and feedback essential for training. This flexibility also allows agencies to train using the FATS® M100 with either fully-sensored BlueFire® weapon simulators or live fire weapons.

The flexibility of FATS M100 allows for the integrated and networked use of different weapon types including support weapons where significant cost savings can be achieved. Many agencies have constructed multiple level training facilities where simulation and live fire training can be conducted under one roof. Defense agencies also have included Indirect Fire Forward Air Control Trainer (I-FACT™), Indirect Fire Trainer (IFT), and naval, convoy and gunnery training within these facilities.


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