France’s DGA Confirms Order for Two Additional BSAH

18.10.2016 Europe
France’s DGA Confirms Order for Two Additional BSAH

France’s DGA Confirms Order for Two Additional BSAH

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French DGA (Defense Procurement Agency) just confirmed to the CHANTIERS PIRIOU-KERSHIP-DCNS pool, the order for two additional Offshore Support and Assistance Vessels (BSAH*) under contract signed in August 2015.

This order will bring to four the number of BSAHs to be provided. The first two vessels are under construction in Concarneau and their delivery is scheduled in 2018. The two newly ordered units are scheduled for delivery in 2019.

PIRIOU is in charge of the design and building of these vessels featuring high versatility and a 30 days’ autonomy. Co-contractor for the military studies, DCNS will provide in-board communication systems and will carry out In-Service Support (ISS) over up to five years. KERSHIP manages the contract and the industrial coordination.

Involved in several major programs towards the French Government, KERSHIP has thus become the first supplier of the French Navy for vessels dedicated at Law Enforcement at Sea.

Featuring a 70 meters length and a 2,600 tonnes full load displacement, the BSAHs are designed for the French Navy operations within the scope of armed forces and Law Enforcement at Sea.

KERSHIP is a joint venture created in 2013 by PIRIOU and DCNS, two experts in naval engineering and building, military systems and services.

KERSHIP provides vessels up to 95 m dedicated to Law Enforcement at sea for navies, coast-guards, customs, scientific institutions… Thanks to the expertise of its parent companies, KERSHIP assists administrations and military marines all along their vessels’ life-cycle, from building to delivery as well as after sales and In-Service support.

PIRIOU specializes in producing medium sized vessels up to 120 m in length with high added value through a combination of high-performance engineering and a global network of industrial sites in Europe, Africa and Asia.

With more than 420 ships built and delivered worldwide, PIRIOU provides, on a global scale, bespoke solutions as well as a complete range of standardized or customized vessels that satisfy the requirements of international ship-owners, whether they be private or public, civilian or military.

DCNS is the European leader in naval defense and a major player in marine renewable energy. The Group’s success as an advanced technology company with global reach is built on meeting customer needs by deploying exceptional know-how, unique industrial resources and an ability to develop innovative strategic partnerships.

DCNS designs and builds submarines and surface combatants, develops associated systems and infrastructure, and offers a full range of services to naval bases and shipyards. The Group has also expanded its focus into marine renewable energy. Aware of its corporate social responsibilities, DCNS is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.

*BSAH = Bâtiments de Soutien et d’Assistance Hauturiers



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