United States Offers India to Lease 12 Surveillance Helicopters

29.06.2009 North America

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In the midst of the Indian Defence Ministry scurrying for aerial surveillance aircraft, speedboats and vessels for coastal security, the U.S. has offered 12 helicopters on lease to India for more effective surveillance of the Indian coastline, according to India Defence Online.

While India is ruminating over the U.S. offer, it will be the first time it will be leasing aircraft from U.S for defence purposes. It may be noted that the Indian Coastguard is undergoing a shortage of helicopters, especially the twin-engine helicopters. The U.S has reportedly offered Sikorsky and Augusta Westland helicopters to India.

Since coastline security framework is top priority for India, the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has been asked to deliver 12 Dornier aircraft to Coast Guard at the earliest. India has also requested private players to make offers for helicopters and other surveillance aircraft. 



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