MBDA Inc. Demonstrates Guidance and Control of Semi-Active Laser Guided Zuni Rocket

01.07.2009 North America

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MBDA Inc. today announced the successful demonstration of a Semi-Active Laser Guided Zuni rocket at the Navy’s test facilities at China Lake, CA. utilizing the WGU-58/B Guidance and Control System developed in cooperation with the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD).

The design concept maximizes the use of off-the-shelf hardware and software, and does not require changes to the aircraft interface to employ the weapon, thereby permitting the rapid transition of the hardware into the inventory.  The design allows the WGU-58/B guidance and control system to be easily attached to the existing Zuni rockets in the field.

The Zuni is fired from the LAU-10 launcher, which is a pod that is carried on a fighter aircraft’s weapon station.  The pod is designed to carry and fire four Zuni rockets which give the aircraft an immediate increase in the number of targets that it can engage over most of the other semi-active laser guided weapons of a comparable warhead effectiveness which are limited to one or two per weapon station.

The high speed profile of the weapon will permit tactical aircraft using existing targeting pods to rapidly and accurately engage a target while staying outside the range of an enemy’s weapons.  The WGU-58/B Guidance and Control system can provide an immediate precision guided weapon capability to any aircraft capable of carrying the LAU-10 pod.


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