INVISIO Expands Communication, Hearing Protection Range

17.05.2017 North America
INVISIO Expands Communication, Hearing Protection Range

INVISIO Expands Communication, Hearing Protection Range

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INVISIO expanded its product range by adding a new control unit for tactical communication and hearing protection. The new INVISIO V50 control unit is designed to meet defense and security customer needs for a system with power supply via battery.

The product is presented at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, SOFIC, taking place in Tampa, Florida on May 15-18, 2017.

The INVISIO V50 is a powerful dual com control unit that powers from the internal battery or from a connected radio. In combination with the market leading INVISIO X5 in-ear headset, the system offers state-of-the art level of hearing protection while allowing the user to communicate and maintain a natural level of auditory situational awareness.

“We are enhancing our range of control units to meet the mission specific user requirements. The modern soldier requires anywhere from one to three radios or communication devices, with or without power from a battery, depending on their role and needs. With the launch of the INVISIO V50, we will have an even stronger range of products, supporting our customers in the best possible way”, said George Nicolakis, Director Product Management, INVISIO.

The INVISIO product range includes tactical communications and hearing protection systems for professional users. Included are the INVISIO V20 single com control unit, INVISIO V50 dual com control unit powering from a battery, and INVISIO V60 tri com control unit. All control units are interchangeable and include plug and play flexibility that allows for different headsets and radio/device connection.

INVISIO offers cutting-edge personal communication and hearing protection systems. The systems enable users to operate and communicate safely and clearly in all environments, even under extreme conditions, such as loud noise, heat, and underwater.

INVISIO systems consist of headsets and advanced control units that interface to a wide range of communication devices. The systems provide hearing protection while maintaining the natural level of situational awareness. Customers are mainly from the public sector. Sales are made via a global network of partners and to some extent directly to end customers. 



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