HENSOLDT’s PrecISR™ Surveillance Radar for Airborne Missions

10.02.2021 North America
HENSOLDT’s PrecISR™ Surveillance Radar for Airborne Missions

HENSOLDT’s PrecISR™ Surveillance Radar for Airborne Missions

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PrecISR™ airborne surveillance radar is HENSOLDT’s latest technology response totackle the challenges of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions atAir, Sea and Land.

Designed for a wide range of airborne platforms (UAVs, helicopters, fixed wing andspecial mission aircraft), PrecISR™ is the ISR sensor of choice for armed and securityforces for SAR and ISAR imaging, to mitigate human and drug trafficking, piracy andsmuggling, illegal fishing, terrorism, oil dumping or any other environmental threat.

Thanks to its software-defined radar modes and electronic beam steering, PrecISR™can detect and track simultaneously more than 1000 targets in order to identify the“needle in the haystack”. There is literally no “escape zone” for non-cooperative targetswhen PrecISR™ is being operated, enabling, for example, a rapid identification ofmaritime vessels that do not have corresponding AIS or IFF signature.

Offering a large diversity of software-defined radar modes (SAR, GMTI, ISAR, MMTI,Range Profiling, AMTI, etc.), which are perfectly adapted to most mission profiles,PrecISR™ can perform several different tasks at the same time in all three domains: Air,Sea and Land.

Equipped with the latest generation of AESA antenna technology, PrecISR™ offers thenear-realtime simultaneous operation of several radar modes. The Gallium Nitride (GaN)transmit-and-receive modules of the antenna generate double the radio frequency powerof a traditional AESA antenna. That means that, despite its small size and low powerconsumption, it can still provide outstanding performances and high-quality images.

Even in the most challenging environmental conditions and sea states, PrecISR™ userswill take advantage of an unrivalled level of situational awareness with significant flightcost savings.

As PrecISR™ is a single-component “plug-and-play” radar, its low compact designmakes it much easier to install, maintain and upgrade than other radars. For example, itdoes not require any penetration of the fuselage and can be dismantled within less than30 minutes.

Already flying on special mission aircraft and currently offered to various fixed-wing,rotary-wing and UAV platforms, PrecISR™ is an ITAR-Free system which can bedelivered off-the-shelf within an unmatched delivery lead time of 9 months.

HENSOLDT is a pioneer of technology and innovation in the field of defense andsecurity electronics. The company is one of the market leaders in the field of sensorsolutions for defense and non-defense applications. HENSOLDT develops new productsto counter a wide variety of threats based on innovative concepts in such fields as bigdata, robotics and cyber security.

With a workforce of roughly 5,500 people, HENSOLDTgenerates annual revenues of 1.11 billion euros (2019) Since September 2020,HENSOLDT is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the SDAX stock market index there.



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