INVISIO Presents AI-Powered Tactical Communications Platform at AUSA & Milipol Paris

15.10.2021 North America
INVISIO Presents AI-Powered Tactical Communications Platform at AUSA & Milipol Paris

INVISIO Presents AI-Powered Tactical Communications Platform at AUSA & Milipol Paris

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INVISIO’s Gen II platform sets a new standard for audio performance and hearing protection within the defense and public safety markets. The Artificial Intelligence-powered platform significantly improves life-preserving speech quality and intelligibility.

INVISIO is presented this platform at this week’s AUSA Convention (11-13 October 2021, Washington, D.C.) and will do so at next week’s Milipol Paris to be held from 19 to 22 October 2021.

INVISIO has a long track record of providing industry leading solutions to the most demanding elite units in the world. The recipe for this is developing cutting-edge technologies: building on the input and experience of the users in field. Fueled by a range of new innovations designed for defense and public safety professionals on critical missions, the INVISIO V-Series Gen II sets the bar for market leading audio performance and hearing protection.

AI has proved to be a game-changer in new technology from INVISIO, increasing speech intelligibility and removing unwanted noise to achieve the aim - core to all tactical communications specialists - to provide secure communication while ensuring hearing protection and a natural level of situational awareness. INVISIO has used AI to achieve a 30 per cent increase in speech quality.

INVISIO conducted a large field test as part of the development and testing phase and the feedback from the users was undisputed.

“My colleagues have never heard my transmissions this clearly with previous in-ear headsets ever! I have not needed to repeat my transmission a single time after I started to use AI”.

INVISIO has recruited several experts to lead this innovative and industry first initiative. To build and improve the AI-algorithm, they recorded speech from multiple nationalities and different genders as well as including data involving a range of noise environments, mixing clean speech segments with a database of noises from machine noise to gunshots and helicopters, feeding that information to the algorithm so it would learn to operate in different environments.

“The new V-Series Gen II platform will have a huge impact for our customers as the level of performance is exponentially different. We have taken a big leap forward in applying new technologies that enable more secure communication and agile configuration opportunities,” said INVISIO’s SVP of R&D Jan Larsen.

INVISIO develops and sells advanced communication systems that enable professionals in noisy and mission critical environments to communicate, protect their hearing and work effectively. The company combines specialist knowledge in acoustics and hearing with broad engineering know-how in software, materials technology and integration.

INVISIO’s solutions are marketed under the two brands INVISIO and Racal Acoustics. Sales are via the headquarters in Copenhagen and sales offices in the USA, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Thailand and via a global network of partners.



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