Russia Showcases New Products at Eurosatory 2012

14.06.2012 Russia
Russia Showcases New Products at Eurosatory 2012

Russia Showcases New Products at Eurosatory 2012

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Russian enterprises are promoting a number of their newest developments at the Eurosatory 2012 International Land Security and Defence exhibition held in Paris, France, on 11-15 June 2012.

Major items of interest are the modernized T-90S MBT, BMPT tank support combat vehicle, Kornet-EM antitank missile system based on the Tigr armoured car, and Ural 6x6 hardened truck.  

Specialists will focus their attention on the modernized T-90S in the first place. They consider it a virtually new tank judging by the number of innovations introduced, and one of the best in the world arms market by the cumulative combat performance criteria.

The BMPT tank support combat vehicle is another development that has no equals in the world. Its powerful weapons set and heavy armour protection correspond well with the Russian nickname “Terminator”.

The Kornet-E antitank missile system is quite popular on the world arms market is perceived as a modern anti-armour weapon system. However, Russian developers have succeeded in substantially extending range of fire of its new modification - the Kornet-EM. The Kornet-EM antitank missile system can also engage small-size aerial targets.

The Ural type trucks are actively employed in many countries and have proved their reliability and effectiveness not only in combat actions but in peace-keeping and rescue operations as well. The new Ural truck is designed with due account of experience gained in modern conflicts, is heavily armoured and fitted with enhanced anti-mine protection.  

Air defence systems make up an equally important part of the exhibition. For many years Russia has been maintaining leading positions in this area. Year by year there is a growing demand for air defence systems such as Tor-M2E, Pantsir-S1, Buk-M2E, Igla-S. Lessons drawn from recent military conflicts show that a state-of-the-art air defence system is an important prerequisite to upkeep national security and sovereignity. Russia is among few countries which produce all kinds of air defence equipment, and is capable of building a nationwide air defence system for a customer country on the integrated approach basis.  

“We have been participating in the Eurosatory exhibitions since 1996, but this year's show is special. Russia has never brought such a number of full-scale new items. They are from the latest developments that clearly demonstrate a huge potential of the Russian defence industry”, said Igor Sevastyanov, Deputy Director General of Rosoboronexport, JSC and Head of the joint delegation of the Russian Technologies State Corporation and Rosoboronexport.

Exports of Russian defence equipment for Land Forces have been steadily rising in recent years. According to forecasts, this trend will be sustained. This is particularly true regarding Russian heavy armoured vehicles, multiple rocket launchers, artillery systems, infantry combat vehicles, guided munitions. Russian-made armoured personnel carriers and small arms are in constant demand as well.

At Eurosatory 2012 Rosoboronexport is conducting a great number of talks with both traditional and potential partners. Many meetings are planned also with representatives of European companies. Special emphasis will be made on contacts with leading French defence manufacturers.

“Military technical cooperation with France has been growing fast in recent years. We are interested, first of all, in joint research and development. This kind of cooperation does not fall into the 'buyer-seller' category: it demands a wider cooperation to develop effective self-defence assets, including those for third countries. By combining our efforts we obtain a very strong synergistic effect. It is well seen, for example, in our projects with Thales, Safran and Sagem”, noted Igor Sevastyanov.

At the end of last year a dedicated workgroup was set up to facilitate expansion of the Russian-French cooperation into the land forces equipment area. Its first meeting took place in January 2012, and the next one is scheduled for this June-end. Rosoboronexport wants as many as possible Russian developers and manufacturers to get involved in the workgroup activities to help define most prospective projects and ways of their implementation.

Rosoboronexport also pays special attention to upgrading earlier supplied materiel. At present there are hundreds of land forces equipment items repaired and upgraded under contracts in various countries. Russia offers an integrated approach to upgrading the materiel with several options for consideration at a time depending on customer requirements.

At Eurosatory 2012 Rosoboronexport is providing detailed information on nearly 200 items of Russian weapons and equipment presented in total at Eurosatory 2012.


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