Russian Helicopters Boosts Maintenance, Repair Capacity

26.05.2014 Russia
Russian Helicopters Boosts Maintenance, Repair Capacity

Russian Helicopters Boosts Maintenance, Repair Capacity

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Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of State Corporation Rostec, has taken over the management of five aircraft repair plants formerly owned by the Defence Ministry. Executive authority at the plants was transferred to Russian Helicopters between October 2013 and March 2014.

Aircraft Repair Plants Number 12 (Khabarovsk), 150 (Svetly, Kaliningrad Region), 356 (Engels, Saratov Region), 419 (St. Petersburg) and 418 (Chita) boast unparalleled experience in technical maintenance and repair services for aircraft, and will significantly strengthen after sales service for Russian commercial and military helicopters. Managers from the plants met with Russian Helicopters CEO on 21 May.

“The aircraft repair plants that have joined Russian Helicopters will play an important role in strengthening and developing a modern after sales service offering. Boosting service capacity and expanding geographical reach are key conditions effectively fulfill state procurement orders for technical support and maintenance of helicopters,” said Russian Helicopters Deputy CEO for Servicing, Yury Borisov (photo).

Maintaining and servicing the state's helicopter fleet - a vital component of Russia's defence capability and security - is a key priority for Russian Helicopters. In October last year a Government directive appointed Russian Helicopters sole executor of the Defence Ministry's order for works and services related to technical support and maintenance of helicopters produced under the state defence order.

In December 2013, Russian Helicopters signed a contract to service the Defence Ministry's helicopter fleet through November 2016. In addition, in April 2014 a Russian Government directive appointed Russian Helicopters sole executor of the state procurement order to provide ground support services and monitoring systems to Defence Ministry bodies.

Russian Helicopters plans to roll out a number of priority measures to streamline servicing of state-operated helicopters. These include creating an inventory of components needed to service and repair new helicopter models, establishing systems to maintain helicopter fleet operability at all Air Force and Navy bases, developing and introducing mobile maintenance and service centres, and launching serial production of equipment for ground support services and monitoring, repair and installation of equipment and instrumentation, and testing.

The time helicopters spend undergoing maintenance or repairs at aircraft repair plants will be reduced, and the quality of work will improve. To boost the Armed Forces' combat readiness, Russian Helicopters will optimise the volume of regular maintenance for Armed Forces' helicopters and will carry out service and repair work as required by a helicopter's technical condition rather than at set intervals.


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