Russian Helicopters’ Fire-Fighting Helicopter at Helitech Int’l

16.10.2014 Russia
Russian Helicopters’ Fire-Fighting Helicopter at Helitech Int’l

Russian Helicopters’ Fire-Fighting Helicopter at Helitech Int’l

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Russian Helicopters (part of State Corporation Rostec) is taking part in Helitech International 2014 helicopter expo and conference, which opened in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Tuesday 14 October and runs until 16 October.

Russian Helicopters is showcasing the Ka-32A11BC fire-fighting helicopter. This model boasts a uniquely broad range of potential applications compared with other multirole helicopters internationally. The fire-fighting version of the Ka-32A11BC was awarded the highest rating by specialists in recognition of how effective it is at fighting fires.

The helicopter is ideally suited to saving people's lives and fighting fires in high-rise buildings. Its coaxial design gives the Ka-32A11BC the advantage in precision hovering and maneuverability, which are vital features in carrying out complex fire-fighting operations, such as using water cannon to fight fires. The helicopter can operate for long periods in difficult, smoky, dusty, conditions. It can be fitted with a wide range of additional specialized equipment, including Bambi-Bucket and Simplex systems, and water cannon for horizontal fire-fighting.

The Ka-32A11BC has been adopted as the emblem of the Global Fire-fighting Helicopter Initiative (GFHI) - a program aiming to improve effectiveness of specialized fire-fighting helicopters.

The Ka-32A11BC meets FAR-29 and AP-29 standards, is EASA certified, and has also been certified in Chile, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, Australia and other countries. Ka-32 helicopters are operated successfully in Russia, CIS countries, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and Brazil.

Russian Helicopters personnel will take part in a series of specialist round tables and conferences. Discussions will touch on the prospects for broadening the helicopter's application in fire-fighting and search and rescue operations in Europe, and in creating a Europe-wide airspace management system. Sectoral experts will analyze the main issues facing the helicopter industry in the medium term, and will consider changes in EASA certification requirements that impact helicopter operation.



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