Russia Targets NATO Countries at DEFEA

Photo © Verba MANPAD, courtesy HPW Yury Laskin14.07.2021 Russia
Russia Targets NATO Countries at DEFEA

Russia Targets NATO Countries at DEFEA

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Rosoboronexport (Russia’s state mediator in military trade) presents national defense technology at DEFEA 2021 in Athens. Greece has become the first NATO country to buy the Russian defense equipment since 1990s, including S-300 long range ADS, Tor and Osa SHORADS, Kornet ATGM and ZUBR air cushion landing craft.

“Rosoboronexport notes with great satisfaction the systematic and effective work with Greek partners, despite severe restrictions related to unfair competition on the part of most European countries. Today, the company fulfills its obligations under previously concluded contracts. After-sales service of the delivered Russian naval equipment, as well as air defense systems, does not cause complaints from the partner,” said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport.

“Rosoboronexport looks forward to increase military-technical cooperation with Greece and other friendly European states participating in the exhibition,” he said.

The previously supplied systems enjoyed excellent records from the Greek military so the smart weaponry such as Kornet-EM latest version of ATGM can attract special interest. The new version of the famous missile has a longer firing range of 10km being capable to penetrate 1200 mm of armor behind the tank active protection. Kornet has been developed by the Tula-based Shipunov KBP Design Bureau, part of the High Precision Weapons Holding (HPW). The Khrizantema-S anti-tank system is another HPW product being developed by the Kolomna KBM.

One can also notice artillery systems such as Msta-S self-propelled howitzer with NATO’s 155 mm caliber, and Tornado-S 300 mm MLRS, the latest derivative of the Smerch by the SPLAV Company. A variety of small arms of the NATO caliber could be seen as well.

Russian pavilion has not been limited just to the Army products. Visitors and experts can get acquainted with a wide range of samples for the Air Force, Navy and Air Defense, with Su and MiG aircraft, Mi and Ka helicopters, Gepard-3.9-class frigate and Amur 1650 conventional submarine, Pantsir-S1 SPAAG and Verba (Willow) MANPADS among the many. The «fashionable» UAV and counter-drone systems are on display too.

“The company's delegation is ready to provide comprehensive information on the Orion-E unmanned aerial vehicle, which Rosoboronexport has started promoting worldwide in a reconnaissance/strike version. A model of the Orlan-10E unmanned aerial vehicle could be seen as well,” said the company representative.

In addition, Russia is offering counter-drone electronic warfare systems such as the Repellent and its mobile version, Repellent-Patrol, mounted on a light SUV. Both claimed to be tested in real combat operations.

Needless to say the Greek-Turkish long standing tension as well as the Ankara recent purchase of the S-400 long range ADS form up a fertile soil for further defense sales from Russia. 



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