Videoconferencing for Defense Product Leak Detection

22.12.2011 Products
Videoconferencing for Defense Product Leak Detection

Videoconferencing for Defense Product Leak Detection

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Defense contractors seeking best match leak test solutions can now rely on Uson’s no-cost videoconferencing consultations to facilitate discussions and visual inspection of leak-proof military supplies such as those used for wound care for which the appropriate leak detection equipment, fixturing and all other leak test specifications are required.  

Uson’s videoconferencing capability is especially designed for companies that either do not want the delay in time-to-market that shipping parts to outside facilities involves or in cases where release of a proprietary military product design is against company policy and non-disclosure requirements.  
“Uson goes to great lengths to ensure that quality control engineers, responsible process engineers and the entire customer team impacted by the specifications of the leak detection equipment have a detailed understanding of various equipment and fixture options and how these will affect cycle times, gage R&R and measurement accuracy.   These video consultations not only allow us to have the feel of face-to-face meetings and eyeball-to-eyeball discussions, but also speed up design of best-match leak detection solutions,“ said Joe Pustka, Uson Technical Support.
“Uson would never say, for example, that a test sensor delivers the same accuracy in a test lab as it does in one or another production line - that’s simply misleading.  Many factors interact with the test sensors in real plant conditions. Often the geometry of a part dictates how we approach developing an application match and being able to explain and discuss the pros and cons of various approaches while we are all looking at the same part is unbeatable.  Yes, anyone is welcome to come to our leak test applications laboratories for in-person consultations at any time.  However, most are too busy to hop on planes and take time away from their many other duties.  Now, we can have one video call or as many as required to ensure everyone is talking about the same part, the same leak detector, the same fixture designs, etc.,” Pustka added.

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