Telephonics Delivers 1st IFF Interrogator with ADS-B Capability

18.01.2012 Products
Telephonics Delivers 1st IFF Interrogator with ADS-B Capability

Telephonics Delivers 1st IFF Interrogator with ADS-B Capability

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Telephonics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation, announced that they have successfully tested and implemented the multi-channel ADS-B (passive Mode S) function on their IFF Interrogator product line.

This capability was delivered to FMV (The Swedish Defence Material Administration) in November 2011 as part of a larger enhancement program to the Swedish Long Range Air Defense System.

This new ADS-B capability allows the use of squitter replies to passively detect and process targets. It also provides the interrogator additional situational awareness and the ability to reduce the number of active interrogations which reduces transponder occupancy and interference with other IFF systems.

Through the addition of multiple ADS-B squitter processing channels within the interrogator hardware and the use of multiple monopulse channels of the IFF antenna to passively receive, process, and report ADS-B squitter, Telephonics’ AN/UPX-44 IFF interrogator has been significantly enhanced. The ADS-B channels can be user controlled to process ADS-B data on the Sum antenna channel, and the Difference antenna channel, or on the Omni antenna channel. This capability significantly extends the effective field-of-view for ADS-B replies fully utilizing the conventional IFF antenna system.

With this enhancement, the AN/UPX-44 is capable of processing ADS-B squitter data on the multiple IFF antenna beams through 360 degrees.

“This is a great enhancement to our IFF interrogator product line, said Scott Danziger, Director of Program Management, Telephonics’ Radar Division.

“This feature is requested by numerous customers to fulfill the need for maximum situational awareness and reducing active interrogations in the IFF surveillance volume,” he added.

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