New Version of the ALTV Torpedo ACMAT

10.04.2013 Products
New Version of the ALTV Torpedo ACMAT

New Version of the ALTV Torpedo ACMAT

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On the occasion of the SOFINS show (Souge Camp, France, 9-11 April 2013), Renault Trucks Defense is presenting a new version of the ALTV TORPEDO ACMAT.

This new version receives a higher ground clearance (from 0.3 to 0.35m) and a wider approach angle (from 25° to 40°) in order to improve the land mobility.

In parallel to these new performances, the ALTV keeps its essential characteristics that made its international success in 2012. More than 60 ALTV (Torpedo models) were indeed sold last year. The ALTV is, thanks to its robustness and its large payload (1.4t), adapted to the needs of the Special Forces.

With a 190hp, the vehicle can reach speeds of 170km/h while its 1,600 km autonomy allows it to operate in isolated areas without logistic support. It can carry 3 (4 in option) men.

The ALTV is capable of operating on slopes up to 80%, side-slopes up to 100% and cross a ford of 0.5m. Finally, it is also able to support mine and ballistic protection kits, and is fitted for a manned operated machinegun on the roof (7,62/12,7/LG40mm/M134).

ACMAT Defense, a subsidiary of Renault Trucks since 2006, is the manufacturer of the famous VLRA tactical vehicle which is in service in the French Army (more than 1,200 units) and numerous other countries.

Located in Saint-Nazaire (France), ACMAT has dozens of customers for its new range of light tactical and armored vehicles ranging from 3.5 to 17 tons (ALTV, VLRA and Bastion), especially in Africa where there sturdiness is much valued.

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