New Guns for Renault Trucks Defense Sherpa

12.04.2013 Products
New Guns for Renault Trucks Defense Sherpa

New Guns for Renault Trucks Defense Sherpa

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On the occasion of this week’s SOFINS show (Souge, France, 9-11 April 2013), Renault Trucks Defense presented a version of the Sherpa Light Special Forces (Light) and Sherpa Light Carrier armed with a 20-mm gun as a replacement for 12.7-mm machinegun.

The two gun-models developed by Nexter Systems are the P20 model and the 15B, mounted on the Sherpa Light Special Forces and the Sherpa Light Carrier. Their lightweight and low recoil forces make their use (operation and maintenance) very simple.

The Sherpa Special Forces is a light attack vehicle (4 seats) ideally suited for Special Forces thanks to its all-terrain agility and autonomy.

This 20mm is pintle-mounted on the vehicle roof and enable close-in combat actions as well as neutralization or deterrence missions. This installation is quick, easy and can be performed in the field.

With an effective range up to 2,000 m and a firing-rate of 750rds/min, this new weaponry perfectly fits with the predisposition to a 360° heavy firepower of the Sherpa. The gun is provided uses NATO-standard 20 × 102 ammunition.

The Sherpa Carrier is a cargo/utility version available in unarmored and armored variants with a two passengers cab. It is able to transport up to 4.5 tonnes of payload including a 10feet shelter and has a GVW of 10.5 tonnes. The Carrier has been ordered by NATO whereas Renault Trucks Defense also secured an order for the Carrier to transport the French Army “Syracuse III” satellite communications shelters on the battlefield.

Its back-floor enables a perfect integration of the 20-mm Nexter 15B manual mount. Lightweight and easy to steer, this armament is well suited for close-in combat actions as well as protection missions. Until now, the Sherpa Carrier was armed (manned or remotely operated) with 5.56/7.62 or 12.7-mm cannons.

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