Sofradir Launches 2 New Daphnis Infrared Detectors

08.05.2014 Products
Sofradir Launches 2 New Daphnis Infrared Detectors

Sofradir Launches 2 New Daphnis Infrared Detectors

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Sofradir launched its new Daphnis range of 10µm pitch infrared detectors at the SPIE’s Defense, Security & Sensing show in Baltimore Maryland, May 6-8.

The new products are the world’s first production of small pixel pitch technology for cooled MW imaging. These new products are ideal for electro-optical system developers who build military systems that are land-based, airborne or naval.

10 microns pixel pitch technology has been jointly developed by Sofradir and CEA/LETI, opening the door to the next generation of infrared detectors with better performances in smaller size.

Sofradir, leader in infrared sensors market, is at the cutting edge of innovation by offering 10 microns products. Taking benefits of many years of research and development, this technology, based on mercury cadmium telluride (MCT), has been optimised to develop the most suitable products in accordance to the market’s needs.

The new Daphnis detectors deliver higher performance imaging for two distinct circumstances. For those that wish to retrofit existing VGA 15µm electro-optical systems, the Daphnis-XGA MW detector provides over twice the number of pixels for the same optical system resulting in significant improvements in detection range and DRI. For those users developing new electro-optical systems, the Daphnis-HD MW detector delivers more pixels in a format compatible with state-of-the-art 16:9 displays. As a result, Sofradir is able to meet the needs of users better with enhanced resolution due to a larger number of smaller pixels without any increase in size.

Philippe Bensussan, Chairman and CEO of Sofradir, said: “With Daphnis-HD, Sofradir consolidates its position as the world's leader in the infrared technology sector, offering the first 16:9 detector with a pixel pitch of 10 µm, in a very compact size, allowing higher resolution viewing of a vastly expanded area and distance with a wider field of vision. This unique innovative product, the only one integrating this format and pixel pitch, is available now for use in standard military applications”.

The Daphnis-XGA detector (1024x768 pixels) represents a truly innovative technological advance compared with the existing VGA generation (640 x 512 pixels with a pixel pitch of 15 microns) as it enhances higher resolution in providing more pixels and higher performance without any increase in array/system size.

The two new Daphnis are designed for the same types of applications, including ground-based, land and airborne vehicles and military satellites. The Daphnis can be used in military systems designed for armoured vehicles, helicopters (navigation systems and search and rescue equipment), target acquisition, imaging pods, airborne and naval firing systems, border reconnaissance and monitoring resources.



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