Augmented Reality Systems for Battlefield Operations

26.06.2015 Products
Augmented Reality Systems for Battlefield Operations

Augmented Reality Systems for Battlefield Operations

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Augmented reality systems - as small as a contact lens - could revolutionize complex emergency response and military battlefield operations in the future, by drastically improving the situational awareness, decision-making and asset management of operators.

British engineers from BAE Systems are working in collaboration with academics at the University of Birmingham to develop applications for this ground-breaking technology concept, which intelligently ‘mixes’ together the real and virtual world to allow operators to take real-time control of their environments like never before.

This includes a briefcase sized portable command center that can be easily deployed and set-up anywhere to tackle emergency scenarios by creating a ‘virtual’ information rich workspace, and a ‘wearable cockpit’ to provide pilots with a customizable environment to enhance their situational awareness while also reducing the cost of cockpit upgrades.

This revolutionary concept called ‘mixed reality’ allows the operator to see themselves and their surroundings along with virtual images, video feeds, objects and avatars, seamlessly bringing together the critical battlefield elements in a single place.
The technology is brought to life by an ‘Oculus Rift’ style headset allowing military commanders to direct military operations, such as troops and Unmanned Air Vehicles, across a virtual representation of the landscape for real situations or simply as part of a training solution.  The technology is being developed at such a pace that the current demonstrator headsets could be replaced with something as small and light as a pair of spectacles within a decade and a contact lens within 20.

BAE Systems, supported by the University of Birmingham, is developing two ‘mixed reality’ technology concepts: The Portable Command Center and the Wearable Cockpit.

The Portable Command Centre concept uses commercial technology to create a semi-virtual environment that can be transported in a briefcase and set up anywhere from within a tent to an office to tackle emergency scenarios such as an outbreak of fire or an act of terrorism.

Users put on a virtual reality headset and interactive gloves – and a mixed reality control station appears around them. Users can monitor situations anywhere in the world, zooming in and manipulating environments, directing troops and pulling in virtual video screens that allow them to monitor news channels and feeds from UAVs.

As well as this, users can bring in artificially intelligent avatars that monitor the entire environment, provide real-time voice updates and even offer advice when asked.

The Virtual Cockpit is created by a headset that provides infinitely reconfigurable virtual displays and controls, allowing pilots to customize their interface with the aircraft based on their own preferences, mission objectives and the task immediately at hand.

The technology is designed to be easily upgraded and customized to meet the demands of a rapidly changing future environment, saving valuable time and significantly reducing costs.


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