Iranian Ground Force Unveils 2 New Drones

FNA19.12.2016 Products
Iranian Ground Force Unveils 2 New Drones

Iranian Ground Force Unveils 2 New Drones

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The Iranian Ground Force unveiled two new home-made drones during last week’s the massive ‘Mohammad Rasoulallah (PBUH) 4’ wargames, Fars News Agency (FAN) reported.

The two drones are capable of carrying out combat and reconnaissance missions. The combat drone can carry new home-made air-to-ground missiles. The reconnaissance, ‘Oqab (Eagle)’, enjoys 24 hours of flight durability.

Also, during the third and last day of the massive drills, two Phantom and Mirage fighter jets flew over the drills zone in the Southeastern parts of the country.

The Phantom fighter jet was equipped with two 500-ton bombs fired at simulated enemy's targets.

The Iranian Ground Force also unveiled a new drone named ‘Farpad’ during these wargames.

The hand-launched drone is run by autopilot and can fly maximum 45 minutes to the range of 20km.

Furthermore, the Iranian Ground Force unveiled a jamming system which is capable of confronting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in a range of 3km and can force it to land after taking its control. The system is also portable by individuals.

In another development in the wargames, the Iranian-made Toufan missiles whose range and destruction and precision-striking power have been improved were fired by helicopters and hit simulated enemy's targets precisely.

Also, the latest sniper gun manufactured for the Iranian Ground Force, ‘Taher’, with a range of 1.2km was unveiled. The gun weighs 4.4 kg (without scope and magazine) and is 1.28 meter in length.

Meanwhile, the 209 (Cobra) and 214 helicopters of the Iranian Ground Force’s Air Force units fired several rockets at two floating targets in Makran region (in the Sea of Oman) and destroyed them.

In addition, two Mirage fighter jets of the Iranian Air Force participated in the drills for the first time and used air-based weapons in operations against the simulated enemy.

“On the first day of the drills, rapid reaction units from other geographical regions of the country were transferred to the operational regions via air and ground in the shortest possible time,” Spokesman of the drills General Seyed Kamal Payambari told reporters.

He said that the drills were held in the strategic Southeastern parts of the country in a range of over 220,000 km with the participation of different units of Ground Force, Logistic Forces of the Air Force and Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base.

According to General Payambari, assessment of the Iranian forces’ preparedness in the tactical fields and decreasing the time for their rapid reaction against threats as well as using new defense systems were among the goals pursued in the wargames.

For his part, Army Airborne Commander Brigadier-General Houshang Yari announced that dozens of different types of helicopters flew over the wargames zone.

“Tens of different types of 206, 214, 209 (Cobra) and Chinook helicopters are present in the drills zone,” General Yari told reporters.

“During the drills, the command, track, control and close fire support missions as well as numerous heliborne operations were carried out by the Airborne helicopters,” he added.



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