Iran Unveils Blueprint for its Planned Trimaran Destroyer

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Iran Unveils Blueprint for its Planned Trimaran Destroyer

Iran Unveils Blueprint for its Planned Trimaran Destroyer

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The Iranian navy plans to manufacture a home-made trimaran (with three hulls in parallel) destroyer named Safineh to be used in asymmetric coastal warfare and rapid reaction operations.

The blueprint of the heavy vessel (photo) which is 100 meters long and enjoys the trimaran technology was unveiled on Saturday, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

In addition, low hydrodynamic resistance in high speed and a floating propulsion system appropriate to the needed corresponding dimensions and speed are among other features of Safineh.

The warship also has a large deck, twice as big as a single-hull vessel of the same tonnage, and it can carry all types of helicopters operating in the Iranian Navy, including RH.

The trimaran vessel is still in the research phase in the Iranian Navy.

Last Saturday, Iran delivered its most advanced home-made destroyer, Sahand, to the naval forces in the Persian Gulf.

Sahand destroyer was launched in Bandar Abbas port city in a ceremony participated by Iran’s Army Commander, Navy Commander and Deputy Defense Minister.

The Iranian Navy announced late 2013 that it planned to equip its (then) under-construction Sahand destroyer with more advanced weapons and electronic war systems than its first generation destroyer, Jamaran.

“The first feature of Sahand is that its radar-evading capability has increased up to 30% and the form of its hull makes its detection by radars more difficult,” Head of the Self-Sufficiency Jihad of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Ali Qolamzadeh told FNA at the time.

He said that the volume of Sahand’s store, deposit and stock rooms had increased in a way that it could continue sailing distances twice farther than what Jamaran could traverse.

“Also the number of its radar and weapons system has at least been doubled and new electronic war systems have been mounted on it,” Qolamzadeh said.

He said that the Navy would also mount its new long-range phased-array radar system, named ‘Asr’, on Sahand if no newer radar system is made in the country until the destroyer is prepared for mission.

The destroyer is also able to journey across the faraway oceans for 150 days along with a logistic vessel. 



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