King of Bahrain Visits Royal Guard Headquarters

BNA Photo: BNA02.08.2018 Bahrain
King of Bahrain Visits Royal Guard Headquarters

King of Bahrain Visits Royal Guard Headquarters

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His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Supreme Commander of Bahrain Armed Forces, paid a visit to the Royal Guard headquarters, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported.


On arrival, HM the King, who was accompanied by a constellation of the Royal Guard cavalry, was welcomed by the Royal Guard Commander, Brigadier-General Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Commander of Royal Guard’s Special Force, Major Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, and senior officers.


HH Sheikh Nasser briefed HM the King about the operations undertaken by the Royal Guard servicemen, along with their brethren from the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF), within the Operation Restoring Hope carried out by Saudi-led Arab Coalition.


HM King Hamad held a telephone call with a number of Royal Guard’s servicemen at their workplaces in the Operation Restoring Hope, and extended to them his greetings, appreciation and wishes of continuous success and victory, as well as his pride in the noble efforts exerted by all brave servicemen in the fields of “honor and dignity”.


“I salute you, our brave soldiers on battlefields (on all fronts, locations and points). Me and the Bahraini people are proud of you, our courageous Bahraini armed forces, for the sacrifices you are making along with your brethren from the brotherly Saudi and UAE armed Forces,” HM the King told them.


“You have achieved a glorious record full of victories throughout our battle in defense of our religion, Arab dignity and brothers in Yemen and their elected legitimate government, within the Arab Coalition’s Operation Restoring Hope. Carry on your blessed endeavors, and Allah the Almighty will bless you with more victories,” HM King Hamad also told the on-duty Royal Guard servicemen.


Then, HM the King visited the Royal Guard’s Special Force’s museum, expressed admiration for its sections and collectibles and wrote a statement in the VIP log.


HM the King wrote: “We are pleased to express our deep thanks and appreciation to the Royal Guard’s command and affiliates for the noble patriotic duties they are carrying out with all efficiency, competence, sacrifice and redemption, and keenness to assume the national responsibilities entrusted to them with all loyalty and sincerity.”


“We value highly the distinction of the Royal Guard's Special Force’s museum and its valuable collectibles that bear witness to the role played by those heroes, and the sacrifices they have made for the sake of the homeland. We are very proud of the high morale and distinguished combat readiness of those courageous servicemen, and we pray to Allah the Almighty to bless them with continuous success,” the Supreme Commander also wrote in the museum’s VIP log.


HM the King also praised the commendable tireless efforts exerted by the Royal Guard Commander and the Commander of the Royal Guard's Special Force.


HM King Hamad lauded the continuous dedication of the Royal Guard’s servicemen, and their keenness to carry out the tasks assigned to them, in solidarity with their brethren from their BDF counterparts in the Operation Restoring Hope.


HM the King praised the successive victories achieved by the servicemen of the Royal Guard thanks to their bravery, strong determination and keenness to attain their noble goals of championing the Right, countering terrorism and delivering humanitarian support to brothers in Yemen.


HM King Hamad stressed that those brave servicemen are the source of pride for all Bahrainis, and will remains beacons of true patriotism for the coming generations.


BDF Chief-of-Staff was also present.



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