Turkish Defense Minister: “Relations with Egypt to Reach High Levels Soon”

File Photo: Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar13.05.2021 Egypt
Turkish Defense Minister: “Relations with Egypt to Reach High Levels Soon”

Turkish Defense Minister: “Relations with Egypt to Reach High Levels Soon”

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Turkey’s Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar has said that relations with Egypt are developing, and will soon reach high levels.

Akar’s remarks came during a speech given at an Iftar (breaking of the fast in the holy month of Ramadan) with the Turkish Special Forces, on Friday, in the Turkish capital, Ankara, Daily News Egypt reported.

“We see that our relations with Egypt are developing and this pleases a friend and gives confidence, and at the same time it frightens some,” Akar said.

“We have ties of brotherhood, friendship, and common values with the Egyptian people, and we cannot be separated from each other,” he added.

Akar also said that there may have been a pause in the relations between the two countries for several reasons.

He noted his confidence, however, that this will be overcome in a short time and that the feelings of brotherhood and friendship between Turkey and Egypt will reach very high levels again in the coming period.

The Minister pointed out that the development of relations between Ankara and Cairo would be extremely beneficial and necessary for Turkey, Libya, and Egypt.

He confirmed that he visited Libya earlier this month, and that both countries are in agreement on all common issues.

Last Thursday, Egypt and Turkey concluded their two-day political consultations in Cairo, which may lead to the normalization of relations between the two countries.

The meetings were headed by Hamdi Sanad Loza, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, and Sadat Onal, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.

According to Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, the bilateral discussions were frank and in-depth.

They addressed bilateral relations and several regional issues of mutual concern, especially the situation in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The two sides will evaluate the outcome of this round of consultations in preparation for next steps. 



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