Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production Supports Modern Irrigation System

18.05.2021 Egypt
Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production Supports Modern Irrigation System

Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production Supports Modern Irrigation System

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Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production plays a vital role in supporting the country’s move towards modern irrigation systems and lining canals, according to Minister of Military Production Mohamed Ahmed Morsi.

In a statement on Sunday, Morsi said that his Ministry is employing all the manufacturing, technological, and human capabilities available to participate in developing the irrigation water management system on agricultural lands, local media reported.

He said that the Ministry of Military Production is keen to cooperate with the Ministries of Water Resources and Irrigation, and Agriculture and Land Reclamation, as well as the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI).

This cooperation looks to provide the advanced sensor devices to measure the level of moisture in the soil that will be provided at appropriate prices for farmers.

Morsi added that these devices hold multiple benefits, the most important of which are: increasing the productivity of agricultural lands; increasing the profitability for the lands; decreasing the amount of irrigation water used; and reducing operating costs.

The Minister said that the state plans to shift from flood irrigation to drip irrigation along two routes. The first is to improve irrigation methods and to provide less costly, high-quality and efficient alternatives for the farmer to irrigate his land.

The second pathway is to improve irrigation methods, by clearing and lining canals and raising the efficiency of drains and water reservoirs.

Morsi stressed that Egypt’s military production companies are working to meet the various needs of farmers by providing modern and smart irrigation devices, including irrigation devices, modern sprinklers, and grain driers.

He added that his Ministry participated in implementing the national project for lining canals in several governorates.



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