Iranian Air Force Equipped with Saeqeh 2 Fighter Jets

21.08.2015 Iran
Iranian DM: Air Force Equipped With Saeqeh 2 Fighter Jets

Iranian DM: Air Force Equipped With Saeqeh 2 Fighter Jets

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“Saeqeh 2 fighters have been delivered to the Air Force and a training jet has also been tested and is ready for manufacturing,” Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan told reporters earlier this week in Tehran on the occasion of the National Defense Industry Day.

He explained about the underway projects and future plans pursued by the defense ministry, and said, “We are working on increasing our missiles' precision and want to make them impenetrable to electronic warfare and interception.”

Noting that the precision of Iran-made long-range missiles and their lifetime have increased and long-range ballistic missiles with Multiple Reentry Vehicle payloads have been produced, Dehqan said, “We are after turning our ground-based missiles into air-launched missiles.”

He also stressed that the Armed Forces have been equipped with the best anti-armored missiles.

Dehqan also elaborated on the new progresses in the Navy, and said, “A new 500-ton subsurface vessel will join the Navy this year and we will take other steps to develop heavy subsurface vessels in future.”

He also underlined Iran's efforts to develop the home-made analogue wireless systems into digital ones, and said, “We are also working on the phased-array radars and are on the path to make them passive systems.”

Dehqan said that Tehran has also manufactured different types of UAVs, including combat, reconnaissance and surveillance drones, which have attracted many customers from around the world.

Also on the delivery of the Russia-made S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system, he said that Tehran had asked for 3 battalions of S-300, while a fourth system has recently been added to the order.

In February, Iran unveiled Saeqeh 2 fighter jet which can also be used for training purposes.


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