US Donates 250 MRAP Vehicles to Iraq to Fight ISIL

Associated Press (AP)09.01.2015 Iraq
US Donates 250 MRAP Vehicles to Iraq to Fight ISIL

US Donates 250 MRAP Vehicles to Iraq to Fight ISIL

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The United States has donated 250 mine-resistant, ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles to the Iraqi Government for the country’s security forces to fight against the Islamic State (IS), the US Department of State said.

“These MRAP vehicles will provide increased ballistic and counter mine protection for Iraqi security forces,” US Ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones was cited as saying in a State Department statement Tuesday.

“These vehicles will save Iraqi lives and enable Iraqi security forces to win the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL),” he added.

The Department of State also said that the United States continues to deliver weapons and ammunition to Iraq in response to the country’s request and to support “counter-terrorism policy that incorporates political, economic and security cooperation.”

In 2014 the United States allocated some $300 million to Iraq for additional military equipment for Iraqi soldiers, including 12,000 sets of body armor, Kevlar helmets, medical kits and counter-IED equipment, and 10,000 rifles.

“These deliveries were in response to Iraqi government requests, and were the latest in a series of deliveries bringing critical supplies to Iraq,” according to the State Department.

The United States is currently carrying out a multi-pronged strategy to “degrade and ultimately destroy” IS, which includes a coalition air campaign and diplomatic efforts to politically and economically cut off the group.

The US-led coalition started launching air-strikes against IS targets in Iraq in August and expanded the air campaign to Syria in September.

Source: AP



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