US Delivers 2,000 AT-4 Anti-Tank Weapons for Iraq

Reuters03.06.2015 Iraq
US Delivers 2,000 AT-4 Anti-Tank Weapons for Iraq

US Delivers 2,000 AT-4 Anti-Tank Weapons for Iraq

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The United States has delivered 2,000 AT-4 anti-tank weapons destined for Iraq, sending 1,000 directly to the government in Baghdad, with the US-led coalition holding the other half in the region for training Iraqis and for future contingencies, a US defense official told Reuters on Monday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the delivery took place over the past several days. The official did not provide further details.

The Pentagon has said the delivery of the weapons would help Iraq defend against approaching suicide bombers driving vehicles packed with explosives. Islamic State militants used that type of attack last month to help them seize Ramadi from Iraqi forces.

The Islamic State's (ISIS) capture of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, was the Baghdad government's most significant setback in a year and exposed the limitations of Iraq's army and US-led air strikes against the group.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi strongly criticized lack of international support for his country's war against the ISIS.

“ISIS advance in the region presents failure and defeat for the whole world,” the Iraqi Prime Minister said, addressing a press conference in Paris on Tuesday.

Al-Abadi underlined that Iraq needs support of the whole world to combat the terrorists, “but, we are not getting much; there are a lot of talks about support for Iraq, there is very little on the ground.”

Abadi is on a visit to Paris to take part in a meeting on ISIS and win international support in the fight against the terrorists.

“What I can see for Iraq, the flow of foreign fighters is more than before,” he added.

Source: Reuters; Photo courtesy of Saab Bofors Dynamics



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