100 US Special Operation Forces Arrive to Iraq

As-Sumariya TV Reuters23.12.2015 Iraq
100 US Special Operation Forces Arrive to Iraq

100 US Special Operation Forces Arrive to Iraq

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Special troops of the US Armed Forces arrived to Iraq to conduct confidential fighting tasks, the representative of command of the international coalition headed by Washington Colonel Steve Warren said.

“Forces of special troops arrived to Iraq according to a request from the Iraqi government. They will perform confidential operations after consultations with the country’s leaders”, As-Sumariya TV channel quoted him as saying.

“The number of forces will make 100 people. They will carry out tasks of overlapping of ways of supply of Islamic State group (ISIS) between Iraq and Syria. ISIS does not know from where to wait for blow,” Warren said.

The arrival of these troops is part of the general plan of Barack Obama’s administration against ISIS. Currently, there are about 3,500 American military personnel engaged in training Iraq’s Army and Security Forces.

Meanwhile, Iraq's Armed Forces on Tuesday started an attack to dislodge ISIS militants from the centre of Ramadi, the spokesman of the counter-terrorism units Sabah al-Numani told Reuters.

ISIS captured Ramadi, the capital of the western Anbar province, in May.

Iraqi intelligence estimates the number of ISIS militants who are entrenched in the center of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, at between 250 and 300.

However, ISIS militants are preventing civilians from leaving Ramadi, an Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman said on Monday.

“There are families that managed to escape the gangs of Daesh,” the spokesman, Naseer Nuri, told Reuters, using a local derogatory name for the group.

“There is intelligence information from inside the city that they are preventing families from leaving; they plan to use them as human shields,” he added, without indicating the number of those who had managed to flee.

Iraqi military planes on Sunday dropped leaflets on Ramadi, asking residents to leave within 72 hours and indicating safe routes for their exit.



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