Saudi King Approves New Military Regulations

Saudi Gazette25.07.2011 KSA
Saudi King Approves New Military Regulations

Saudi King Approves New Military Regulations

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The Military Service Council of Saudi Arabia announced on Saturday a number of new decisions including the amendment of an article of the Cabinet Decision number 1200, issued in 1977, which will now pay SR500,000 to an officer, a private or a cadet who cannot work because of an injury sustained in the line of duty.

The Council, headed by HRM King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, approved regulations concerning the termination of a military staff member because of absence, including a regulation stipulating postponing the termination until the reason for the absence is provided in accordance with procedures to be set by military sectors.

This was announced by Lieutenant General Naser Al-Arfaj, Secretary General of the Council.

Another decision, number 45, stipulated allowing exceptional leave up to a maximum of four years for a military staffer who wants to accompany his wife, or a person he provides for, who is studying abroad.

The new decision number 46 amended Article 11 in the Officer Service Code regarding the way military staff seniority is calculated in the event the graduation date is the same for military colleges graduates, officers with university degrees, and officers who were promoted from the rank of Master Sergeant. Other decisions included the ban on military staff holding multiple nationalities. Saudi military staff must only carry Saudi Arabian nationality.


Source: Saudi Gazette



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