German TV: Saudi MIC-Heckler & Koch in Illegal Arms Deal

IRNA15.08.2011 KSA
German TV: Saudi MIC-Heckler & Koch in Illegal Arms Deal

German TV: Saudi MIC-Heckler & Koch in Illegal Arms Deal

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Germany's public television network ARD disclosed an illegal German arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

ARD reported that the Saudi government-owned arms company MIC was exporting German G-36 assault rifles, thus violating German export laws.

German armament company Heckler & Koch has licensed its assault rifles for production by MIC which has been showcasing the assault rifles at weapons exhibitions.

The latest revelations have triggered fierce criticism by Germany's opposition parties, demanding an explanation by the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Both Berlin and Heckler & Koch have refused to elaborate on details of the arms deal, citing confidentiality.

Germany has played a major role in arming the Saudi regime in recent years.

Last month, Germany's opposition Green party said it would sue the government over its refusal to divulge secret details of a highly controversial tank deal with Saudi Arabia, according to the Hamburg-based news magazine Der Spiegel.

The lawsuit filed by 3 members of the Green parliamentary faction argued the ongoing silence of the German government on the sale of 200 Leopard 2 combat tanks to the Kingdom violated the nation's constitution which bans the sale of weapons to the Middle East.

Germany, which for two decades has declined to sell such heavy weapons to Saudi Arabia refused to officially confirm the reports on the multi-billion-euro deal citing a secrecy policy on such deals.


Source: IRNA



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