Germany’s Greens Appeal Over Saudi Tank Deal

Oman Times03.08.2011 KSA
Germany’s Greens Appeal Over Saudi Tank Deal

Germany’s Greens Appeal Over Saudi Tank Deal

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Germany’s opposition Green party is taking the government to court over a reported secret deal to sell hundreds of tanks to Saudi Arabia, a party spokeswoman said.

“A suit brought by the members of parliament Christian Stroebele, Claudia Roth and Katja Keul was filed on Friday” with the Constitutional Court, the spokeswoman added.

The Greens, who oppose the reported deal, have asked the Court to rule on whether the government is entitled to grant an export license for the tanks without informing parliament.

Press reports recently suggested that Saudi Arabia would be buying 200 Leopard-2s, Germany’s main battle tank which is also produced under license in Spain, for a multi-billion-euro sum.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government have refused to comment on the reports, saying such matters are confidential and decided by the federal security council, a panel which rules on arms exports and which is chaired by the Chancellor.


Source: Oman Times



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