Saudi Arabia Firmly Responds to Recent Rioting

Saudi Press Agency (SPA)06.10.2011 KSA
Saudi Arabia Firmly Responds to Recent Rioting

Saudi Arabia Firmly Responds to Recent Rioting

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Blaming a “foreign country” for this week’s unrest in the Eastern Governorate of Qatif, the Saudi Interior Ministry said 14 people - including 11 security personnel - were injured.

“A group of troublemakers assembled near Al-Reef Roundabout, some on motorbikes and others carrying Molotov bombs as they began their actions to disrupt security at the behest of a foreign country which tried to undermine the security of the homeland in a blatant act of interference,” the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted a Ministry statement as saying.

“Some naive members of the public participated in these acts thinking that no action would be taken against those incited by a foreign state that’s trying to extend its influence outside its narrow borders,” the statement said.

“Security Forces managed to deal with those instigators at the spot and after they were dispersed, machinegun fire erupted and grenades were thrown from a nearby neighborhood.”

It said nine Policemen were wounded in the gunfire and two hurt by Molotov bombs. Three civilians, including two women, were also wounded, it said.

The Ministry described the unrest as “blatant interference” in the Kingdom’s sovereignty. “Those must clearly state whether their loyalty is to God then to their country, or to this country and its authority,” it added.

The Ministry reiterated that it won’t tolerate or accept any act that infringes upon the national security and stability of the Kingdom.

“The Ministry will strike with iron fist at anyone who tries to do such acts or who has been misled to do such acts,” the statement said.


Source: Saudi Gazette; Saudi Press Agency -SPA



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