Saudi Crown Prince: “No Compromise with Iran”

Arab News03.11.2011 KSA
Saudi Crown Prince: “No Compromise with Iran”

Saudi Crown Prince: “No Compromise with Iran”

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Crown Prince Naïf, Saudi Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior, earlier this week ruled out any compromise with Iran over allegations of Iranian involvement in a plot to murder the Saudi Ambassador to Washington.

"There can be no compromise with Iran concerning the assassination bid because there is no need for it," the Crown Prince told reporters while addressing a news conference after inspecting Hajj preparations.

"We are ready to deal with any scenario... with any means necessary," he added without further details.

Iran has repeatedly denied any involvement in the alleged plot.

Prince Naïf emphasized the strong bond between the Saudi people and their leadership, and ruled out possible public protests in the country.

“What has happened in some Arab countries is their internal matter and they know better. With regard to Saudi Arabia, the reality has proved the cohesion between its people and leadership,” Prince Naïf said when asked whether he thought Saudi Arabia was protected against anti-government protests.

Prince Naïf said the Saudi leadership has full confidence in its people. “The media has seen the strong bond between the government headed by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah with all sections of society. And we enjoy economic as well as social security and stability.”

Prince Naïf, who is Chairman of the Supreme Hajj Committee, said: “Saudi Arabia, its government and people consider it as a great honor to serve the pilgrims who come for Hajj and Umrah. By doing that we seek the pleasure of God and of Muslims all over the world.”

The Crown Prince said King Abdullah had instructed him to do everything possible to serve the guests of God and ensure their security. “I am sure that it will happen due to two reasons: First, because of our confidence in the Almighty and pilgrims. Second, we have mobilized all our resources to prevent any harm to pilgrims.”

Prince Naïf emphasized that the Kingdom would not allow any demonstrations during Hajj.

Prince Naïf earlier inspected the preparedness of Hajj Security Forces to handle the largest annual gathering of Muslims. On arrival at the Headquarters of the Special Emergency Forces in Arafat, the Crown Prince was greeted by Makkah Governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, Assistant Minister of Interior Prince Muhammad bin Naïf, Municipal and Rural Affairs Minister Prince Mansour bin Miteb and General Saeed Al-Qahtani, Director General of Public Security.

Addressing a ceremony on the occasion, Al-Qahtani pledged the allegiance of Security Forces to Crown Prince Naïf. He said his forces would not allow any demonstrations or activities that would undermine the security of pilgrims.


Source: Arab News



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