AEC Congratulates GAMI for Launching ‘World Defense Show’ in Saudi Arabia

28.07.2020 KSA
AEC Congratulates GAMI for Launching ‘World Defense Show’ in Saudi Arabia

AEC Congratulates GAMI for Launching ‘World Defense Show’ in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia’s Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) congratulated the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) after the latter announced organizing the ‘World Defense Show’ in the Kingdom, in March 2022. 

Mr. Abdulaziz Al Duailej, Chief Executive Officer, AEC, said: “The announcement confirms the Kingdom's active efforts to develop and localize the military industries, in line with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 to localize more than 50% of the military industries. The announcement will also pave the way for new investment and partnership opportunities for Saudi organizations and solidify cooperation between the Kingdom and its partners in the defense industry around the world”.

“We congratulate the Kingdom and GAMI on the announcement of the first edition of the World Defense Show, the event that will solidify the Kingdom’s global presence in different fields, including the defense industry, provide immense opportunities for the Saudi manufacturers and investors in the military and security industries, enable the local talents through excelling in such a vibrant industry and allow a military industry's eco-system that enriches the creative capabilities of our production facilities in vibrant areas,” Al Duailej added.

Embracing this event, the Kingdom will reinforce its strong presence on the global defense map as one of the advanced countries in military industries Organizing the ‘World Defense Show’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would certainly give great momentum, given the strategic position of the Kingdom as a global center linking three continents, which is also the heart of the global supply chain for the defense industry, and the largest economy in the Middle East.

Over four days, World Defense Show will showcase comprehensive and interactive displays of integrated defense technology solutions, alongside conferences and thought leadership seminars focused on the next generation of defense. The show’s venue, estimated to accommodate 80,000 square meters of exhibition, hospitality and outdoor area, will feature demonstration facilities and virtual technological capabilities to showcase every defense domain on an unprecedented scale.

World Defense Show is a display and demonstration of integrated and innovation-driven defense solutions, set to serve as the global stage for defense interoperability. The inaugural World Defense Show will take place biannually starting March 2022 in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, to showcase the latest in interoperable defense solutions. The event will be held in the presence of Saudi Arabia’s key leadership, international delegations and prominent industry decision makers from around the world.

The founder of World Defense Show, Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI), is the regulator, enabler and licensor for the kingdom’s military industry. GAMI is responsible for domestic defense sector development in line with the national commitment to localize 50% of military manufacturing by 2030.

AEC has emerged as a national leader in the field of modern electronics, manufacturing capabilities, and repair and maintenance services. With a 100% completion rate of projects, our specialization spans across defense, energy, ICT, and security services.

Starting out as a renowned firm in the electronics industry, AEC has evolved as a core ally of the Government of Saudi Arabia in localizing military manufacturing, deploying smart technologies, and accelerating industrial and commercial growth.

With a vision to be recognized as the leading technology solutions provider in the region, AEC has channeled all capacities towards meeting the benchmarks rolled out under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Program.

AEC’s mission is to continuously improve and diversify its offerings by aligning its business strategies with end customers’ priorities, creating long-term partnerships, harnessing opportunities, acquiring new capabilities, creating job opportunities, and investing in our people and community at large.



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