Kuwaiti Defense Minister Visits London

Al Madar20.10.2010 Kuwait
Kuwaiti Defense Minister Visits London

Kuwaiti Defense Minister Visits London

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Bolstering already strong ties with the United Kingdom, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah met with British Defense Secretary Liam Fox in London this past week.

In opening a fresh dialogue with Fox, Sheikh Jaber also took the opportunity to congratulate him on his new tenure following the parliamentary elections in May.

The officials had a fruitful discussion on shared defense priorities and set a path to continue collaboration on future defense relations. In recognition of the long standing relationships between the Kuwaiti and British militaries, Sheikh Jaber said that the strong bond with the British was helpful to the formation of the Kuwaiti army. He pointed out that the Kuwaiti military still utilizes sophisticated British weaponry and military assets which play a crucial role in maintaining the Kuwaiti military's operational readiness.

"My talks with Secretary Fox set a path for more progress. We will continue communicating and I believe that our relationship will help to further strengthen our armed forces, maintain military readiness and help sustain a secure Kuwait and a secure Gulf region," Sheikh Jaber stated.

The discussions with Secretary Fox also dealt with ways of combating terror, a mutually shared concern. Both individuals agreed that a stepped up coordinated effort is necessary.

Sheikh Jaber also expressed gratitude for the UK's participation in the 50th anniversary of Kuwait's independence and the 20th anniversary of Kuwait's liberation. Talks concluded with the First Deputy Premier offering an open invitation to Defense Secretary Fox to visit Kuwait.


source: Al Madar; Kuwait



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